About Electrolysis

Electrology is a technique for getting rid of unwanted hair, it was first used in 1875 by Dr Michael in St Louis for treating trichiasis (an ingrown eyelash). it works by passing a small electric current along a sterile fine probe into the hair follicle, where the root meets the dermal papilla a small amount of heat is created (which feels like a tingle). This dehydrates the bulb and cauterises the blood supply at the papilla, without a blood supply the follicle dies.  It is suitable to remove hair from any part of the body of both men and women.

Unfortunately electrolysis had become a neglected and a poorly promoted treatment in the last two decades, thanks in part to the mass media promotion of newer techniques such as Laser and IPL. However in America the FDA got involved and came down hard on companies that advertised that laser was permanent and electrolysis never lost favour as much as it has in Europe and the rest of the world.

Canada and America are now the world leaders in electrolysis as it is still the only permanent removal method in existence. This may surprise you, but since there are no retail chains of electrolysis clinics in the UK it is simply impossible for independent electrologists to compete in terms of PR and media coverage and the continued mis-selling of laser and IPL.

It is human nature to want to try different removal methods that promise quicker and easier results than traditional electrolysis, just as the fad diet with the promise of massive weight loss is much more attractive then life style changes with plenty of exercise and healthy food which will usually only be temporary and when the weight returns leaves you worse off than before.  The same is true of electrolysis, regular appointments spread over one or two years will result in permanent hair loss that will last for the rest of your life.  (any future hairs will be new growth not treated hairs returning) Quick fix methods will make a difference instantly, but can return within 5 weeks to five years.

Each hair needs sufficient treatment to destroy the hair root so that it does not regenerate and produce another hair.  If the hair is treated correctly it will come out of the follicle with the lower part of the root, dermal papilla and surrounding cells intact.  There are several different modalities which we try out to get the fastest and most comfortable setting for our client but in general the higher the current the lower the time needed to treat the hair.

We use two types of machines, Apilus Platinum, made by Dectro the world leader in computerised epilation offering six modalities machines and Sterex SXB for Blend epilation. Electrolysis requires a lengthy commitment so it is important to understand the treatment and how it works.

but  isn’t for everyone so we offer a free consultation and free sample treatment with no obligation.

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