Hair Cycle

It is important to understand hair growth cycles. Hairs grow and rest in cycles so the hair you currently have is not all the hair that you have in total. When a hair has completed its growth cycle the follicle releases the hair and goes into a dormant cycle. This cycle allows the hair follicle to rejuvenate while another hair is formed. This cycle can last from six weeks to two months before the hair grows again. The active growth cycle is the best time that a hair should be treated with electrolysis. When the hair first starts to grow it is at it’s weakest. That is why it is so important to stay on a strict schedule so the hairs can be treated most effectively.

It is also important for you to look at our Preparation for electrolysis treatment page and follow the advice before and after your electrolysis treatments.

 Different stages of the hair cycle:

Hair Cycle

– Anagen: growing stage of the hair.

 Catagen: detachment from the papilla.- 

– Telogen: when the hair is at the end of its cycle.

– Exogene: when the hair sheds and gives a chemical signal for new growth