How it works

Electrolysis works by passing a small current through a probe into the hair follicle. When a Direct current is used this is called galvanic electrolysis and causes an electrochemical reaction on the hair follicle to destroy the hair shaft.  Thermolysis or Diathermy uses alternating current or high frequency current to cause heating at the end of the probe.

The probe is so fine and just slips down the shaft of the follicle beside the hair and doesn’t actually go through the skin, passing a small electric current along a sterile fine probe into the hair follicle, where the root meets the dermal papilla, a small amount of heat is created (which feels like a tingle) dehydrates the bulb and cauterises the blood supply at the papilla

The machine that we use “The Apilus® Platinum™ Pure” uses an ultrarapid 27 MHz frequency that is twice as fast as any other epilator. Its hair removal modes performed with this 27 MHz frequency is faster than the brain can register, it is able to specifically target and coagulate the cells responsible for hair growth, thereby providing effectiveness and comfort never before seen in permanent hair removal!

Depending on the clients skin and hair type we use the following for thermolysis Synchro™, PicoFlash™ and MultiPlex™ and combined currents: PicoBlend™, OmniBlend™, MultiBlend™ and Blend.