For a person wishing to align their body with their gender, electrolysis should be started as soon as possible, the reason being it is not a quick fix.  In fact, it will take about 2 years or so to completely get rid of a strong male beard with regular appointments. However in that time the beard will become lighter your complexion will get better, you will look years younger but it is gradual over time and is ideal for people who want a subtle change which will not be obvious to colleagues, friends and family who are not yet aware. Talk to your electrologist about your overall aims, what is practical for you both socially and financially so that you can have a plan for the future.

Electrolysis on facial hair is the first thing to get you started on your journey, later on, HRT will help but mainly with body hair and will not make a lot of difference to facial hair.  Also with HRT the skin becomes thinner and so it is more sensitive and when you do start HRT you will be wanting to be out as your true self and really not have to walk around with a couple of days growth.

GIC at present will only prescribe hormones once you have decided to go on the real life test and stubble is embarrassing for any woman but is a sure give away for anyone who is just transitioning, so by starting electrolysis before your first appointment will only show commitment to your condition.

Going to a beauty salon for electrolysis for anyone just transitioning with or without stubble is a daunting experience and if you are already in the RLT or  going “en femme” it can be embarrassing and humiliating. We know what you are going through, we are very private with off street parking so you are assured complete discretion and confidentiality.

Beard hair is fairly stubborn, we use a new technique available called Synchro™  which is part of the Apilus® Platinum™.   The way it works is the application of the hundred or so synchronized  micro-pulses through insulated sterile probes. The advantage is that it is extremely effective for deeply rooted stubborn hair and is able to completely destroy germinative cells from the bulge to the bulb. When the current is concentrated it will prevent skin reactions while increasing comfort and effectiveness. By delivering peak energy concentration, excellent results, and a high level of comfort, allowing you to treat more hair per session.

Electrolysis treatments are relatively inexpensive but requires a commitment of regular appointments usually weekly so the costs do mount up, but we offer “10 appointment deals” at a discount to help with costs . After some time you will probably find you can either reduce the appointment length or the frequency of appointments, but you should be aware that it can take up to two years to get rid of a male beard and a lot longer if you combine it with laser but with less frequent appointments.

If I ring or visit are your staff transgender friendly?
We understand the commitment and difficulties of transitioning, you can come in girl or boy mode but when you come through our door you can just relax and be yourself.

Do you have any transgender clients?
We have quite a number of transgender clients at different stages of transition, from the “terrified’ to “stealth”

Do you have other transgender services?
A have a visiting skin and make-up specialist who can help with getting your skin as fine and healthy as possible and advise on colours and product to use for disguising existing products and can be safely used after having electrolysis.

We have a range of cover up antibiotic makeup that you can use safely with electrolysis plus other skin services but also Karyn is medically trained & having transgender experience from both sides we can be a valuable contact in your transition see also our transgender link page

Can you do electrolysis in the genital area?
yes we have seen many clients through to their operations where we work with the clinical nurse to follow surgical protocols, it is important though to allow enough time prior to surgery to complete genital hair removal.

Where can I get more information?
Check out other pages and also our FAQ’s page


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